Positioning Workshop

Please note: This workshop is a recording of a live workshop we ran in 2023. Nest year, these are all being re-recorded and will be available to buy on the Client Portal website. Since you bought Client Portal during the Black Friday weekend, you get the updated version for free! 

Positioning Yourself as a High-Value Consultant Workshop

​In this first workshop, we're going to be laying the foundations for what it takes to get your dream clients. Those who will adjust their schedule (and even their budget) to work with you – not the other way around.

​More specifically, you'll learn:

  • ​What the ideal service business looks like (AKA the End Goal)
  • ​The benefits of moving away from being a generalist and into a niche market
  • ​The real way niches are chosen (hint: it's not by filling out a worksheet) and how you can use real data to position yourself
  • ​How to set goals that you can actually measure so you feel in control over your future (rather than just hoping to get lucky)


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