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Accepting file uploads with Contact Form 7

Previously Laura has recorded a video to show you how to create Questionnaires with Contact Form 7. With the same plugin, you can see it comes with a "file" field, which can be very helpful if you'd like your clients to submit assets (images, photos or documents) right in your portal.

From the screenshot, we see that you can even set "size limit" and "acceptable file types", it's just really amazing, right?

What's even better is the way Contact Form 7 deals with the uploaded files. From their official documentation we know that these files will be sent with the notification email and once they got sent, the files will be deleted from your server. Which means:

  • no one can access these uploaded assets except you - the notification receiver.
  • the files take no space on your server since they'll be deleted right after the message has been sent.

You may find some limitation here though:

  • one file per upload field. Which means if you'd like to take several files, the client has to zip them or you have to create multiple file fields.
  • Contact Form 7 won't save entry data on your website, everything will be emailed to you. Which means you MUST properly configure the mail settings in your WordPress install, or it may not work correctly.

With that in mind, Contact Form 7 is still the best free WordPress plugin to set up forms. To know more about how to set up "file" fields in a form, please read their official documentation.