2022 was a big year for Client Portal. We added a ton of fantastic new features over 12 new releases and launched a redesign of the website.

2023 is now here and Client Portal is going to be even better. Alongside our regular releases of new features and improvements, we are also working on a full revamp of the entire product.

This revamp will include a much more intuitive interface for you to create and edit portals by bringing it in line with modern page builders like Gutenburg.

It's a massive update. The biggest we've ever done since we launched back in 2016.

So with that said, let's get into the main reason for this post...

🚨 Client Portal is raising its prices on 31st January 2023

We've never raised our prices before (and we've been in business for over 6 years!)

Which is sort of crazy when you consider inflation – not to mention all the great new features and functionality we've added over the last 6+ years.

But honestly, we have always been happy with the price of Client Portal. It's affordable for most customers and provides enough for us to continue to develop the product.

But now – due to heavy investment we've been making into growing and expanding the product – we are finally going to be raising our prices for the first time ever on 31st January 2023.

What will be the new price for Client Portal?

Client Portal has two pricing models and two license types. Here's the new pricing for each:

For the annual renewal license:

  • Single site license: Now $199 (+ an optional $99.50/yr for support and updates). Will be: $249 (+$124.50 /yr)
  • Multi site license: Now $399 (+ an optional $199.50/yr for support and updates). Will be: $449 (+224.50 /yr)

And for the lifetime licenses (you own the plugin AND get product support and updates free for life):

These changes won't come into effect until 31st January 2023. If you've been on the fence about Client Portal for a while, you can still get the same product at the current price if you buy before then.

Want in before the increase? Click here to get Client Portal now.

Frequently asked questions

These are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don't see your question answered here, drop us an email and we usually reply within 1 day (Monday - Friday).

"How will this price increase affect existing customers?"

In short: It won't.

When you buy Client Portal, you are locked into the current price for as long as you keep an active subscription (and if you're a lifetime license holder, you'll always have an active subscription).

So you won't pay any more for renewals, even after this price increase happens. 

"How do the annual renewals work?"

The annual fee for Client Portal gets you product updates and access to our support team (with our lightening-fast, usually same day response rates).

If the version of Client Portal you have at renewal time is everything you need, you can easily cancel the recurring fee. You'll just lose out on 1:1 customer support and future updates.

(If you're like me and don't like recurring charges, our lifetime offer means you'll pay once and get future updates and support as long for as long as we're in business.)

"What is the difference between the single site and multi site licenses?"

With both licenses, you can have an unlimited amount of portals and an unlimited amount of clients. We place no restrictions on how many of anything you create.

The only difference between the two licenses is you can only use the single site on one domain/website at a time.

With the multisite, you can use it on as many domains as you like.

"How is the multi site license useful? Why would I get that one?"

Most people do just fine with the single site license but the multi site has a bunch of extra benefits that might be worth considering.

First, if you want to be able to host your clients’ portals on their website, you’ll need the multisite option. This is great if you want to give your clients an extra deliverable at the end of the project to really wow them.

The multi site license also comes in handy if you have multiple places you’d like to use Client Portal.

So if you have more than one business and you'd like to use Client Portal on all of them, you'll need the multisite license.

These are just a few things to consider when deciding between the licenses. And if you’re still on the fence about which to get, remember that you can always upgrade to the multi site at any time. So no pressure!

"What is your refund policy?"

If Client Portal doesn’t make you look amazingly professional, or if you’re just not feeling it, we have a quick and painless 30 day refund policy. Just email in within the first 30 days of purchasing and we will refund you in full.

The last 6 years: what's changed in Client Portal

In the last 6 years we have made 228 fixes, feature, and improvements to Client Portal. Here are the standouts:

  • Notifications for both clients and admins when a portal is updated.
  • Private file uploads to add an extra layer of security for sensitive documents.
  • Clients can upload their own files to a portal.
  • Auto portal creation for when a client registers on your website for a portal.
  • WooCommerce integration so clients can purchase portal access.
  • Custom slugs to change the permalink terminology.
  • Password protected portals so clients don't need a full login.
  • Public portals that can be displayed without needing any login or passwords.
  • Content pages – similar to regular pages in WordPress but inside the portal.
  • Mark modules as complete for clients
  • Search box so you and your clients can search inside portals
  • Import and export portals and portal templates
  • Create reusable portal templates

The next 6 years and beyond: what's planned for Client Portal

Right now we are finalising our new reminders feature. From February, you'll be able to set deadlines for modules and schedule reminders for clients to complete them before the deadline.

We also have a number of new features in the pipeline which we are finalizing. But alongside all that we are gearing up for our biggest update yet. A complete overhaul of the entire plugin.

Client Portal has changed a lot since it was first launched (228 times, to be precise). This means we have made some compromises on the UX side of things in order for us to ship these features.

I'll talk more about this below but one of my biggest goals with Client Portal is to make it quick, easy, and painless to set up beautiful portals for your clients.

So that's why we are going to be spending a big chunk of this year focusing on overhauling the user experience of Client Portal to make it easier (and more satisfying) for you to create portals.

(This is a big part of why we need to raise our prices. It's going to be a big investment and as a solo, bootstrapped business, the investment needs to come from the new sales).

So that's what's on the table for this year.

But before I sign off I want to tell you about my big picture plan for Client Portal – because if you agree with my vision for the product it will help you decide whether Client Portal is the right product for you.

Everything I do with Client Portal boils down to 3 key concepts:

1) Client Portal is client friendly. Client Portal should have virtually no learning curve for your clients. They log in and go. Unlike project management tools which are great for your team internally, but overwhelming for clients – Client Portal is something your clients will actually use.

2) Client Portal is beautifully designed out of the box. Every portal should look perfect with minimal effort from you. Since I have a background in design, I'll do the hard work of making sure your portals look great – all you have to do is add a logo, your brand colors, and go. Your portal will fit seamlessly into your website without needing spend hours customizing it.

3) Client Portal will free up your time, and make you look good in the process. Client Portal aims to eliminate any "where's that file you sent me?", "what's the latest on the project?", "where's my invoice from 1989?" emails. Your clients can find everything they need in their portal – and it acts as that little extra bit of polish to help you stand out from your competitors.

Every new feature we ship needs to adhere to at least one of these principles. Client Portal is a client-focused solution that you can set and forget, will save you from tedious back and forth, and give your clients a better experience working with you.

If you agree with my mission, then you'll love where Client Portal is going.

👉 Get Client Portal now and beat the price increase

If you've been on the fence for a while, now is a great time to invest. Client Portal has a long future ahead of it and I hope you'll be a part of it.

Thanks for reading,

–Laura Elizabeth - Founder of Client Portal