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School rules

Our field has become an afternoon hotspot. The field, for the most part, is non-maintained by the school. In the warmer months there are all kinds of animals that make their homes out there, including birds, ticks and snakes. If parents want to allow their children to play in the field, in the afternoon, they assume responsibility for them.


  1. Parents assume responsibility for their own children. The school is not responsible for children after dismissal.
  2. Parents must monitor children at all times and be close enough to manage their children’s behavior. Standing in the field or along the sidewalk leading to the back gate are appropriate places to monitor. Standing in front of the school, near the flag pole is not acceptable.
  3. Children may not be left in a car unattended.
  4. Children may not enter the parking lot or the school without an adult in attendance.
  5. Children may not go past the black fence or interfere with after school activities.
  6. No pushing.
  7. No gun play.
  8. No hitting.
  9. No wrestling.
  10. Keep your hands to yourself.
  11. No sticks.
  12. Everyone is allowed to play, you may not tell someone they can’t play.
  13. If you are running and accidentally knock into someone or knock them down, stop and make sure they are not hurt.
  14. No hiding/running from adults when it is time to go.
  15. Children may not trespass on other people’s property.
  16. Do not move any firewood or stones for the fire pit.


The field is school property and school rules apply to after school play. Anyone not following the rules will be asked to leave the field.