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Getting started

Hey! I’m really excited to be working with you over the next few weeks. Before we get going, here's how to make the most of this project:

You're reading this in your very own Client Portal — this is where everything to do with this project will live. You can come here at any time and access all of your deliverables. This means you don’t need to worry about losing files, or keeping anything on your machine. It’s all here and will continue to be here for as long as you need after the project has finished.

This is also a great place to see where we are in the project. Here's what the different modules mean:

  1. This module has been completed — you can view or download your file here.
  2. This is something that is currently being worked on now. Check back whenever you like and see how it's progressing.
  3. This is a deliverable that's coming up, but we haven't started working on it yet.


This means that as the project progresses, you can see how much we have left to go so you’ll always know where we are at any point.

Our weekly call

We also have a weekly call set up. This is where we’ll sync up and go through what’s been happening over the last week, it’ll be your chance to ask any questions, or give any feedback on completed deliverables.

Unless it’s super urgent, I do recommend waiting until our call to ask your questions — this just ensures that we’re making swift progress during the week and we get everything completed on time and in budget.

Our call is scheduled for every Thursday at 3pm EST. (Add to calendar)


That’s it from me — I hope this was helpful and I’m really looking forward to working together!