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Keyword Research Report

  • Report conducted: 20th Jun 20XX
  • By: Laura Elizabeth, TechArk
  • For: HelloSelf Inc.


We conducted a keyword research report for HelloSelf Inc. to identify keywords you are currently ranking well for and to give recommendations on where you should be focusing to improve your search visibility. We centred our research around various freelancing topics and identified a few key areas that you could see substantial results. We've outlined these below.

Our findings

Here are the results from the report. This is mostly for reference, we'll put these into context in the Recommendations section next.


  • Merging certain posts into an "Ultimate Guide" style article would help your website become the authority in many topics. These have been tagged as "Merge Articles"
  • Fill in the gaps by writing articles on the topics tagged "Write post"
  • Update articles with outdated content. Consider creating a new edition every year. E.g. Best freelancing tools (2020 Edition).


Want the Done-For-You version?

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