Offering Workshop

Please note: This workshop is a recording of a live workshop we ran in 2023. Nest year, these are all being re-recorded and will be available to buy on the Client Portal website. Since you bought Client Portal during the Black Friday weekend, you get the updated version for free! 

From Commodity to Consultant: Designing a High-Value Offering

​In this second workshop, we're going to go through how to design an offering (or, more realistically, a series of offerings) that you can use to get you off the hamster wheel of creating drawn-out, totally custom, PITA projects with no clear return on investment, into a clear and concise offering that will make you AND your clients more profitable – in less time.

​(Sounds too good to be true, right? I promise you, it's not!)

Join me and you'll learn:

  • ​Why the way you’re probably getting most of your clients now is holding you back
  • ​How the right offering can break you free of trading time for money
  • ​A step-by-step approach to designing a high-value offering for your clients-
  • ​How you can fit these experiments into your workflow (even if you’re super busy)


💻 Download the slides
Get a copy of the Designing Your Offering doc
Watch Lee Blue's YouTube video mentioned in the workshop