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After call pitch

After the call, you can send an email like this to pitch Roadmapping as the first step in working with you. Hopefully by now they are already pretty sold on it so this should be a quick, easy win.

Hi [NAME],

Thanks so much for joining me on the call today. Hopefully, you got a lot out of it and have a much clearer direction on what to do next.

As we talked about, I think you would be a great fit to start with our Roadmapping package.

This will involve us going through as much of your existing material as possible, we’ll meet again (along with others from my team), for a more thorough Roadmapping session, where our objective will be to map out in detail exactly where you need to be, and how we’ll get there.

The deliverable here is a complete report and roadmap for execution. You can then run with this yourself, or we can quote you on what it would take for us to deliver the full scope of work for you.

We’re booked up for the next [X] months, so the next available date we can schedule Roadmapping for is [DATE]. This is a flat cost of [X].

Let me know if you’d like to get that locked in and I’ll get the intake questionnaire and invoice over to you.

The intake questionnaire is pretty thorough but it’ll help us capture everything we need to prepare for the live session. Delivery of the final roadmap is within one week of our session.

Let me know if all this makes sense or if you have any questions.