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Reject your leads without burning bridges. Ideally, refer them elsewhere but keep the relationship open. Don't forget to add them to your CRM!

Hi [NAME],

Thanks for thinking of us for your business. While this sounds like a great opportunity and we would ordinarily love to help, we are currently booked solid and aren’t taking on any new clients right now.


Thanks for thinking of us for your business. While it sounds like a great project, it doesn't seem like a good fit at this time. [It's best to personalize this part and give them the reason they aren't a good fit for you right now, e.g. budget too low, deadline too soon, etc.]

However, I’d love to refer you to a handful of people whom I have a TON of respect for and who may be able to help you out.

Here they are:

  • [REFERRAL 1]
  • [REFERRAL 2]
  • [REFERRAL 3]

Best of luck with the project and please feel free to reach out again in the future. We might be in a better position to accept.

Again, thanks for thinking of us. Best of luck with [BUSINESS], [NAME]