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The proposal for the large project would be sent after your Roadmapping session report has been sent. You would ideally get on another call with your client to go through it, answer their questions, and do a soft pitch for having you work on the main engagement.

Hi [NAME],

Really enjoyed chatting yesterday!

We would love to work with you to help [PROBLEM].

You already have a lot of the right components in place (e.g. [FILL IN THE BLANKS]), and we’d love to work with you to [SOLUTION].

Here’s a copy of the proposal we went through yesterday, including the total investment and timeline. 

A few extra things to note about how we work at [AGENCY]:

  • We’re obsessed with testing. Everything. Everything we do will be A/B tested so you’ll know exactly what effect it’s having. We can’t promise everything will be a net positive, but with our rigorous testing in place, you will always end up with the best solution for your business. 
  • As this is a longer-term engagement, each month you’ll meet with [NAME] and go over the metrics from the previous month, confirm what we’ll be working on next, and get any updates from you regarding new products you’re working on, initiatives, and so on
  • Everything will be managed by us, and you’ll have full visibility into everything that we’re working on. Additionally, nothing ever goes “live” without your full consent

Our goal is to provide both quick wins that deliver results fast, along with permanent improvements to your business. 

Let me know if you’re interested and we’ll send over a formal SOW to secure your spot. Happy to answer any questions you might have for me.