We're a small – yet very mighty – team.

We're also human, too! Learn more about us and how Client Portal began here.


Laura Elizabeth

Laura Elizabeth Founder

Laura started her career as a freelance designer. After trying and failing to find a decent project management tool, she decided to create her own - and Client Portal was born! In her spare time, she likes to cross stitch and take long walks with her husband and dog.

Yoren Chang

Yoren Chang Developer

Yoren is a WordPress developer who meditates. She has been freelancing for quite a long time so she knows Client Portal can definitely make a difference to your business. She also enjoys coding, cooking and brewing her own coffee whenever it's possible.

Carrie Serres

Carrie Serres Support

Carrie has a background in manufacturing and a Masters in Business. After having kids, she decided to put her skills to work from home and became a virtual assistant. She likes being around for soccer and swim lessons, and whenever they need mommy.

The story of Client Portal

Client Portal was born back when I (Laura) was freelancing.

I needed way to organise my projects both for myself and my clients.

I tried a few different project management tools but found them expensive with a steep learning curve. It felt like these tools had been made for medium-large sized agencies who needed something fairly advanced.

As I was just one person with a handful of clients, I craved something easier (and without the high monthly fees).

Not only that, I found my clients didn’t use the project management tools I was paying for. I’d ask them to put files and keep messages in the software, but they’d always resort to emailing me instead.

And who can blame them? Why would anyone choose the more time consuming route when there doesn’t seem to be a real benefit?

“I’ve lost the files, can you resend them?”

Here’s where the problem lies. Without somewhere to keep everything together, things were getting lost in long email threads. Those Google Docs I was sending were getting buried in among all the other Google Docs both myself and my client had.

I’d constantly find myself bombarded with emails, sometimes years after a project had finished, asking me to dig out old files.

I clearly needed something to keep my projects organised, but it also needed to be something my clients would use. It needed to be simple, with a very small learning curve. Most of all, it needed to be something my clients would actually find useful.

And what do creators do when they need something that doesn’t exist?

They make it for themselves!

That’s exactly what I did and thus, Client Portal was born!

Client Portal does one thing – but it does it really well

Client Portal isn’t like most project management tools. It lives on your own WordPress website and gives your client a secure place they can log into and see their project status and access all their files at any time.

We believe that most software should do one thing, but do it really, really well. And that’s what we do. We aren’t trying to reinvent proposal software, e-signing software, or Google Docs. We want to empower you to continue using the tools you know and love but give you a beautiful, branded space you can house them in for your clients.

So if you need something simple, easy to use, that’s going to impress your clients do check out Client Portal. We’re a small company who has been steadily growing since its launch back in 2016 – we are constantly working on and improving the product and it’s been a real joy seeing so many people love it as much as we do!

—Laura Elizabeth