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“I finally feel like a proper agency now I have Client Portal. It’s something I’ve always wanted but I’ve never been able to find anything close to it.”

–Anthony Wallace

“I've finally installed Client Portal on my website, and I have to tell you, I squealed and fist-pumped when my branded colors and logo first appeared on the portal page!”

–Toni W.

“Your platform is dead simple, easy to customize, and beautiful on mobile. It allowed us to launch our new client dashboard 3 weeks ahead of schedule!”

–Richard Walsh

“Thank you very much for this nice plugin, I have searched for a long time to find something like this.”

–Gabriel Wolf

“Client Portal has been AMAZING for my business - thank you so much for investing so much time to make it so wonderful! I'm a graphic designer (and freelancer, so it's just me!) and have been trying for years to develop a process for my clients that is easy for them to use and helpful for me in organizing everything. Client Portal allows me to manage my clients projects so easily.”

–Hannah Beasley

“Client Portal is great. The incremental improvements over the past few years has been excellent. It helps me keep all of the client's "stuff" in one place.”

–Evan DeLaney @ Montessori Digital Group

"I recently purchased a single-site license and my clients are loving it so much they want me to set up more Client Portals. I need to upgrade my subscription to the Multi-site license!"

–Fred Porter - Digital Consultant, Agent Digital Australia

"I'm glad to know the product is actively being supported and suggestions are welcomed. It makes me even more glad I made the purchase of Client Portal."

–Dane Janas, EA

"I am a Digital strategist and GDPR consultant. Client Portal is perfect to deliver the core 10-15 documents required to be GDPR compliant. ???? I love Client Portal."

–David Shaw

"I just wanted to thank you for developing this. It's been a lifesaver and the missing link for our creative agency."

–Jennifer Ann Love

"What a freaking amazing plugin!"

–Lily @ Mamabear.digital

"This is a spectacular example of customer service and I really appreciate the lengths you've gone to assist me. Thank you again for your amazing support."

–Rob D. @ Modular Studio

"Laura, thank you for creating such a great tool! I actually saw your Client Portal years ago, hemmed and hawed, and didn't purchase it, then suffered through finding other ways to do things, and wasted tons of time and effort while still struggling to stay organized. I finally purchased it, and within days of using it, I had a few project templates created, went live with it, and clients absolutely love it! But I love it the most, because it keeps them on track, keeps everyone organized, and it is so easy to use. I should have purchased it much sooner!"

–Rob Marlbrough

"Just felt like saying thanks. I have been using Client Portal with some of my customers and they absolutely love it! I was hesitant at first because I'm not really in the creative or design industry, I make business plans, financial projections, cost accounting and stuff like that, and it has worked like a charm. The plugin is awesome and I really admire your methodology."

–Roberto Cornejo Reindl

"I wish I had found Client Portal years ago while running a design agency. This is a great tool to help your design agency, or any business that works with clients, manage your client experience."

–Sam Brodie @ Offsprout.com

"Client Portal is an excellent tool to use. It takes the hassle out of constantly thinking "did I forget something?" when onboarding a new client, not to mention it saves time and mitigates frustration during the project."

–Sidney Johnson

"I am loving Client Portal!! My clients are so impressed with how organized the content is and how easy it is to navigate. Thank you!"

–Tasha Hussey

"I came across your software and fell in love with it. It's EXACTLY what I have been looking for."

–AB Lieberman, CEO of Clicks Talent

"I've implemented Client Portal for a few diverse projects and retainer clients, and it's made such a difference in terms of value-add and keeping everything organized."

–Juergen Berkessel, Polymash

"Super stoked to be on board! I bought the unlimited site license. Gosh, I've been dreaming of this plugin for a loooong time. And it's just perfect timing because I'm redoing all of my processes and websites."

–Monnel Espiritu

"CP is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. It allows my clients to have all of their marketing assets in one place. This includes files, pics, logos, and links. I have linked their social media sites, their email service, a print and design studio, and more. I set the portal up in just a couple of days. I had some minor issues that I was able to work through, not being overly technical. Support from CP was great as well."

–Sean Brauser

"Hi Laura, finally got around to implementing the portal. Freaking awesome! Love it, don't know how I survived without it. Congrats on a great product!" www.webrenovator.com

–Steve Harris @ WebRenovator.com

"Client Portal is the perfect tool I've needed to get everything systematized for my clients and internally."

–Evangeline Gersich
Client Portal testimonial

I recently purchase Client Portal and I just wanted to say thank you. Crazy good deal and I am loving LOVING it. Great product that I am so excited to have and great customer service!

–Katrina Upton
Crysti Couture's testimonial for Client Portal

Thank you for making such an AMAZING plugin. This is so valuable to me and I'm glad that minds like yours exist!

–Crysti Couture
Heather Woods Client Portal testimonial

It's freaking awesome! I wasted a whole day yesterday playing with it - whoops! Looking forward to future updates and new features ❤️.


–Heather Woods, Big. Sky. Wonder
Client Portal testimonial - Adrian C

Amazing! You have no idea how long I've been searching for this exact thing. I was just about to take up a coding course to build it myself haha 😉

–Adrian C
Client Portal testimonial

I started setting up my first portal and I have to say: wow! This is so cool. I can't believe how easy it is to add, change, and remove sections on the backend. And WOAH does that front end look professional. You made a very cool thing. Thank you.

–Alli Blum, SaaS Onboarding Consultant
Testimonial for Client Portal - Marci K

I just started Client Portal with a client last month. I now know where everything is and feel so much more in control. Seeing the default portal showed me where I was still missing steps in my process, too. I'm very grateful for what you've created. Maybe it sounds silly but using Client Portal made me feel like I could finally call myself a professional! 

–Marci Kobayashi, Finding Yoyu
Client Portal testimonial - Tris Moon

I've been using Client Portal with my clients for a while now and I LOVE it! My clients frequently tell me how much they love having their own portal. Client Portal lets me offer a truly personalized experience for each client, which helps me stand out in my industry, and it's so easy to use. Thanks so much! - Tris Moon, Your Weird Is Wonderful

–Tris Moon

I really do love this portal. The more I play with it, the more I find useful things to do. It is perfect that there is no long onboarding experience for clients too!

–Gayle H.
Andres Bustamante Testimonial for Client Portal

I absolutely can say that the moment I downloaded Client Portal I felt that I was receiving value. The installation was seamless and I came to many ideas on how to use it. Using the content pages I was able to integrate video conference booking and support tickets via shortcode to the portal, giving the perfect project customer journey to my clients.

–Andres Bustamante

I’m a graphic designer and developer with my own business - and Client Portal has seriously been such a huge help to my business! I use it for project management for my clients. Each new client has their own dashboard, and using the task boxes for each step of the process keeps me and them organized and on track. Each client has totally loved using it, and it’s made things so much easier for them and for me!

–Hannah Beasley
Jackie Ayala's testimonial for Client Portal

Thank you so much for this clarification that has already saved me so much time. In fact, the whole client portal and the Project Pack has already saved me so much time and boosted my confidence as I begin my own consulting journey. Count me as your fan Laura Elizabeth!

–Jackie Ayala, Email Marketing Strategist
Loma Nelson's testimonial for Client Portal

Thank for creating this tool, I think it's about to be a game-changer for my business. I'm starting a new client project on Monday and I can already feel the impact this will have on my business and life.

–Loma Nelson
Natalia from Green Studio's testimonial of Client Portal

I am so glad I found your product and that it is very flexible ❤️ It will help me as a small freelancer, then agency and possibly selling online courses in the future without spending a lot of money on other platforms. Thanks for developing this!

–Natalia from Green Studio
Zak Wirima's testimonial of Client Portal

One of the clients I have set up already loves it so much. I have ideas about customizing it further (same client, different application) but I will make contact with you guys to see what's possible. This is really great software. I wish I had known about it much earlier.

–Zak Wirima
Client Portal testimonial by Sam Sedge

What absolutely fantastic plugin. Simple but effective! Once I installed it and started trialing it, I was left with the "Why didn't I think of this" feeling haha!

–Sam Sedgeman - SPS Creative
Felix Krueger testimonial of Client Portal

Just wanted to drop you a line to congratulate you on this cool product. I will use it for my consulting and agency clients. Just about to launch my business. It's a sales tool as much as a project management tool as it shows prospects that I'm organised. I shared it with a potential client yesterday and she said that she spent a lot of time on a business case for building the exact same features on their website from scratch. Now they will look at CP instead.

–Felix Krueger - Krueger Consultancy
Client Portal Testimonial - Bernard Williams

This is my first day getting this set up and I am very pleased with the ease and simplicity of the tool. I like that it's structured and there are not a lot of custom fields that I could configure. This helps keep conversations focused both with my internal team and with my customers. I am very glad I found you. Great job on this. Owner - Rising Tide Creative Group

–Bernard Williams

I needed a way to level up my client service process and keep things organized. I looked at the larger CRMs but then found that Client Portal was not only affordable but an amazing interface with the features I need. I also love that Client Portal is continuously improving.

Katie Morrow's Client Portal Testimonial

I LOVE Client Portal. My boss actually purchased it after I watched the demo video! We're already implementing it and love it!

–Katie Morrow
Kirsten @ecommdesigner testimonial for Client Portal

Thank you for creating Client Portal! I wish I had this YEARS ago. Everything looks beautiful and has been a breeze to set up. The minimalistic design and options are perfect for what I do!!

–Kirsten @ecommdesigner
Maddy Osman's testimonial

Learning new things in each of these emails, even though I've been running my business for 5+ years.

- Free Client Experience Course

–Maddy Osman
Brock D testimonial of Client Portal

I'd like to thank you for developing this plugin. I've demoed countless client portal solutions, and this is the only software that met my needs in an affordable way.

–Brock Doemel
Kreig Mitchell testimonial of Client Portal

This is great. It is exactly what I need. Our projects have quite a few steps and they last a long time. Clients ask the same questions, over and over again. It's going to allow us to answer client questions, without having to spend so much time doing it.

–Kreig D. Mitchell, Attorney

I am loving Client Portal. I'm building an employee portal and I just got to the point where I can open it up to employees for a couple of required trainings! Whoop Whoop!!! And the few employees that have registered and gone through the trainings so far, well, they are beyond impressed with the site!

–Donna Figel

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—Ken Westgaard

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