The Perfect Client Portal For Your School

Give parents an easy way to access key information about your school from your WordPress website.

Have a single place to store important school announcements

Keep all your schools announcements online to give parents an easy way to access key information 24/7.

Embed Google calendars to show parents key dates

Easily share with parents key dates related to your school. From holidays, to teacher training days, and science fairs – keep everyone in the loop.

Allow parents to fill in forms and waivers for their child online

You can upload a PDF for parents to fill out, or integrate with a form plugin to store responses online. Link to these from Client Portal.

“Parents need a place to access important information about the school – without resorting to emailing us!”

As a school, you’re under a lot of pressure to not only educate the next generation, but to also give the parents a great, worry-free experience.

With all the forms, waivers, announcements, and information that parents constantly need access to, it can be difficult for them (and you) to keep it all organised in one place.

Client Portal is intentionally simple. It gives you a beautiful, intuitive dashboard that you can give to your each parent at the start of the school year. They’ll have access to everything they need, so they won't keep emailing or calling you to remind them about key information.

The result? Parents will actually use it. Not only will it give them a great first impression of your school, it’ll be a tool they can consistently refer back to while their child is with you.

And the best part? Each portal takes just a few minutes to set up. So you get maximum effectiveness for a minimal time investment.


Build websites for schools? With the multisite license you can add a portal to every website you build for your clients.

“I finally feel like a proper agency now I have Client Portal. It’s something I’ve always wanted but I’ve never been able to find anything close to it.” –Anthony Wallace

Everything is included

  • Client Portal Icons

    Custom branding

    Brand your portals to match your school's website and branding.

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    Content pages

    Use our beautifully designed content pages to embed anything from school calendars to videos.

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    Secure file uploads

    Securely upload your files to your portal. All files are kept private and away from WordPress’s media folder.

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    Email notifications

    Send notifications to parents when the portal has been updated with new information.

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    Unlimited portals

    You can have as many portals as you need on either plan. You can keep them active forever.

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    Unlimited parents

    Give access to as many parents as you like with no extra cost – no matter which license you choose.

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    Product updates

    We’re always improving Client Portal. You’ll get every single product update free for 1 year.

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    Email support

    Free support for 1 year with the option to renew (but you keep the product even if you don’t renew!)

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee!

If you’re not completely satisfied within 30 days of purchase, we’ll refund your money; hassle-free.

“Your platform is dead simple, easy to customize, and beautiful on mobile. It allowed us to launch our new client dashboard 3 weeks ahead of schedule!”

–Richard Walsh

Start using Client Portal with your next project

Starting from $199. Take the headache out of keeping parents in the loop with a simple way to store school information on your WordPress website.

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“Client Portal is one of my top 3 tools this year. I can't recommend it enough.”

—Tammie O'Neal