Who Client Portal helps

A selection of industries that Client Portal helps. Don’t see your industry here? No worries! If you work with clients or customers, Client Portal can work for you.

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  • Agencies

    Give clients an easy way to access key information about your projects from your WordPress website.

  • Schools

    Give parents a place to find key information about your school for their enrolled children.

  • Law firms

    Give your clients all their paperwork in one easily accessible place for your law firm.

  • Accountants

    See how your clients can benefit from a portal in your accounting or bookkeeping business.

  • Your platform is dead simple, easy to customize, and beautiful on mobile. It allowed us to launch our new client dashboard 3 weeks ahead of schedule!

    Richard Walsh
  • Coaches

    Give your coaching clients their own portals to access all their training and deliverables.

Impress and delight your clients with a beautiful, centralized client portal

Take the headache out of client management and get a simple way to store
your deliverables on your WordPress website.

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Client Portal is the perfect tool I've needed to get everything systematized for my clients and internally.

Evangeline Gersich