Professionalize your projects (and impress your clients)
with a beautiful, centralized client portal.

Client Portal is a beautiful dashboard (that lives on your WordPress website) to keep all your projects assets in one place.

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“I just set up my first client and they already love it so much! This is really great software, I wish I had known about it much earlier.”

—Zak Wirima

Zak Wirima Client Portal dashboard

"I love it when a client asks for a file I've already sent three times."

—No one, ever.

Projects can get messy. No matter what kinds of projects you work on, if you work with clients you know the headache of keeping track of projects and deliverables.

Most files you send will be emailed across. These can quickly meet a tragic fate: inbox burial. Never to be seen again. Maybe you need to dig out the proposal you sent 6 months ago to check the scope, or perhaps your client needs that Google doc with the draft copy that was completed weeks ago.

Client Portal is a super simple, lightweight WordPress plugin that you can use on your website today (no developer needed!) to allow your clients to keep track of the project and give them access to all files at any time. No more "Can you send me our logo? I've lost it again!" requests.

Fred Porter

“I just purchased Client Portal and my clients are loving it so much they want me to set up more portals!

— Fred Porter - Digital Consultant, Agent Digital Australia

“Okay, but I already use a project management tool. Do I need Client Portal too?”

Great question! Client Portal doesn't replace project management tools. It works alongside them to give your clients a better experience.

Project management software is great for internal teams. But clients often find the learning curve too steep. With Client Portal, you can give your clients access to a beautiful, streamlined dashboard showing them exactly what they need to see (and nothing more).

So if you already use:

  • GoogleDocs for working on content or collaborative documents
  • Dropbox for keeping files in sync
  • HelloSign for signing and storing contracts
  • Typeform for forms
  • Slack for communication
  • ...and so on.

You can pop all these straight into Client Portal to keep all your project's assets in one place. You can work how you choose, with the tools that you already love and give your clients a great experience along the way.

Give your clients an area on your website to find what they need

Give your clients a secure and private login making it easy for both you and them to keep up to date with the project and find everything they need in a flash.

Private and public portals

Fits with your unique workflow

Add or remove as many modules as you like. Whether you're a freelancer, accountant, law firm or more, you can have the deliverables that work for your projects.

Track your project

Branding that looks like an extension of your website

The super simple, clean design makes this easy to brand; it fits seamlessly into any WordPress website template. Nobody will know you didn't build this yourself.

Custom branded portals

Keep the micromanaging clients at bay

Don't let your clients overstep boundaries. Put your available hours and preferred method of communication where they can see it — and stop those texts or IM's after hours.

Multiple portals in an archive

Join 5,000+ people already using Client Portal

Take the headache out of client management and get a simple way to store your deliverables on your WordPress website.

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“Client Portal is the perfect tool I've needed to get everything systematized for my clients and internally.”

—Evangeline Gersich

Evangeline Gersich