Today, I want to talk about the Block Editor, what it is, and why we are moving to it for the Client Portal.   What is the block editor (also known as Gutenberg)   The block editor lets you edit your website by dragging and dropping elements, or blocks, onto your screen and creating layouts... […]

Today, I wanted to update you on our progress for Client Portal 5.0.   While we had high hopes for a full release by the end of January, that sadly didn't happen.   We ran into some unexpected roadblocks with integrating the content pages, pushing us back.   The good news is I got […]

Today, I want to talk about our plans for the next 12 months of Client Portal.   It's January, so many of us are thinking ahead, and I've had a lot of questions from those who want to know our next focus after the release of CP 5.0.   2023 was a tough […]

Today, I want to share with you four mini-features that are coming with this release. These may seem small, but they’ve been requested repeatedly and, honestly, are things that should mostly have been doable before now.   Mini-feature #1: A fully editable, customizable menu   This is something we get asked about all […]

Today, I'm going to share an update on the beta program (which is live right now!) and how we're running it.   We've opened the beta to a small group of 48 customers. Of those, 21 have created portals with the new block editor via ​InstaWP​.   (InstaWP allows us to spin up […]

This is the second behind-the-scenes email for Client Portal 5.0. Today, we are talking about something that (IMO) will end up being the favorite feature of Client Portal 5.0.   Introducing: Reusable Patterns 🎉   Until now, every portal has needed to be custom for each client. Which, as you know, can take […]

Here it is: a first look at the new block editor coming in Client Portal 5.0. This is currently in beta and due to be released by mid-January 2024.     In this video, we cover:   What the new editor looks like from the backend How to style each block Editing the menu […]