Our Client Portal customers are often amazed at how many different use cases there are for it. Once you get what Client Portal does, you start to see infinite possibilities for its uses.


"I am so glad I found Client Portal. It is very flexible and will help me grow from being a freelancer to an agency – and even selling online courses in the future without spending a lot of money on other platforms. Thanks for developing this! ❤️ " — Natalia from Green Studio


One of those possibilities is online courseware. Now, Client Portal wasn't designed to be a courseware alternative. It doesn't have learner management features and a few other things you'd expect in an online course platform.

But Client Portal is surprisingly effective as courseware and in this new video and example portal we're going to show you how you can use it to create and sell online courses.


Watch our video on using Client Portal for your online course (or resource center)


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In this video, we cover:


✅ How you can use Client Portal for an online course – and what you can't do with it

✅ A full walkthrough of an example course and resource center to give you some inspiration

✅ How to connect your online course to WooCommerce – and a couple of other options if you don't use WooCommerce


Have a play around with the example portal shown in the video:

​👉 Log into the example online course portal here​​

Username: Student
​Password: onlinecourse123


Hopefully that gives you some ideas on how you can use Client Portal in alternative ways. The possibilities are truly endless.