One of the best things about Client Portal is that it forces you to really think about your process and the deliverables you're giving clients.


Most business owners have a process, but it lives mostly in their heads. They go through roughly the same steps with each new client and give roughly the same deliverables, but it all happens manually.


While this works well for some time, eventually the need to systemize becomes clear. Usually when your client work takes off (yay 😁) and your workload increases, you find things start slipping through the cracks (boo 🙁).


Then, when you simply can’t take it anymore, you hire a project manager to take the load off. But on their first day, you quickly realize you can’t hand over any tasks because they’re not documented anywhere. So you have to spend your already limited time documenting and training (UGH! But we’ve all been there!)


Getting into the habit of documenting your process as you go


One of the best things you can do for your future self is to get into the habit of documenting your process little by little as you go.


While we’re focusing on client work, this advice goes for every area of your business and life. Documenting things like how you pay yourself, how you manage your bookkeeping, and even what needs to go in your diaper bag for a day trip with your baby can be a lifesaver during those busy periods of life.


When you sign up for Client Portal, one of the emails that you get is a free workshop and template on how to design your process in a way that can be easily translated into a portal.


But I realized that this workshop isn’t just valuable for Client Portal customers. Even if you don’t use Client Portal, you can still design your process in the same way.


So I’ve decided to open it up to everyone to help you get your process documented and your deliverables accounted for.


And the best part? It’s a system that should take you no longer than about 10 minutes to plan.


See for yourself:


Watch my 7-step system to claim back your time and design a great process


Screenshot of the video


👉  Check out the workshop and download the free template here


I hope you find this valuable. Getting everything set up in one place is going to really help save your sanity when working with clients.


And if you decide you want to get this into a beautiful portal for your clients, we’ve got a tool for that 😉 Check out Client Portal here.