Check out some of our most popular features in Client Portal.


Keep track of exactly where your project is at any time

Get an at-a-glance view of your entire project and see what’s been completed, what’s currently being worked on, and what’s coming in the future.

Track your project

Get notified when a client completes a task

Your clients can mark modules as complete as they go and you’ll get an email notification every time so you never miss a thing.

Mark items as complete

Brand your portals to match your, or your clients, website

Each portal can be individually branded with just a few clicks so you can impress your client by giving them their own branded portal – and it’ll only have taken you a few minutes to set up. Cue extra brownie points for you!

Custom branded portals

Have multiple portals and projects for each client

Every client can have as many portals as they need assigned to them. They’ll be able to easily view all past and present projects from a beautiful dashboard.

Multiple portals in an archive

Securely store files in your portal for clients to download

By default, WordPress will generate a public link for your files so anyone who has that link can use it - logged in or not. With Client Portal, we use virtual URL’s to ensure only the people you choose can view your files.

File download popup

Beautiful content pages for ultimate flexibility

Our custom designed content pages can be used with Client Portal for you to embed videos, iframes, or even just plain ol’ text and images.

Content pages

Create both private and public portals

All portals are private by default, but you also have the option to create public portals which can be viewed by anyone. Great for things like support documentation, or a resources page on your website.

Private and public portals

Start using Client Portal with your next project

Take the headache out of project management and have a simple way to store your deliverables on your WordPress website.

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“a beautiful, simple interface, which has made onboarding of me as a success coach a very pleasant experience.”

—Anthony English

Anthony English