Laura Elizabeth

Founder of Client Portal

Laura created Client Portal in 2016 after working as a freelance designer for a decade.  Client Portal was born out of the need for a simple tool that allows clients to access their project deliverables. 

Since then, it has grown into an 8,000+ customer-strong product that helps any service provider, from freelancers to law firms.

Most Popular Articles By Laura

“Do I still need Client Portal if I use a project management tool?”

If there was one question we get asked the most here at Client Portal, it’s some version of “I already have a project management tool; can I still benefit from Client Portal?”   The answer is a big YES!   In fact, Client Portal was built as an addition to project management tools, not a...

What I learned at Europe's biggest WordPress conference

Last month, I (Laura 👋) spoke at WordCamp EU – the biggest WordPress conference in Europe (and, some argue, the world.)  Going into it, I was terrified on the morning of my talk. Whenever I’m asked to speak at conferences, I seem to always go through the same five...

The underwhelming experience of paying a deposit 

I remember getting my first MacBook.   I was 17 and had just started a course in graphic design. Like many people, we didn’t have a lot of money growing up, so I never had the latest, well, anything.   But my mum was adamant that I needed a laptop for college. And not just...

Podcast Appearances 

WP Builds: Help your clients to help you with a Client Portal

If you build WordPress websites for clients, then I think you’ll know this problem: You get out of sync with your clients, and communication seems to go all over the place.  In this episode, Laura explains how you can circumvent this problem and give your clients a great experience in the process. 

The Admin Bar: Client-Focused Solutions for Your Agency

Laura has come out with some amazing products that solve many of the problems agencies have. She will be joining us to share some insight on how and why she developed these solutions, as well as some pointers on how to implement them into your own workflow.

WP Product Talk: Growing and Nurturing Email Lists for WordPress Product Businesses

This episode focuses on growing and nurturing your email lists. We’ll discuss why your email list is your most valuable asset, how to write emails people want to read, using automation, creating an ’email flywheel’ that sells your plugin on autopilot, and more.


Organize your client projects into a repeatable, systemized process to save you time and make you look great.

In this free ebook and companion email course, I’ll teach you how to develop a rock-solid process that will not only save you time but also surprise and delight your clients.