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*Licenses can be renewed after one calendar year for ongoing updates and support. Renewals are totally optional and come with a 50% discount.


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Everything is included

  • Client Portal Icons

    Custom branding

    Brand your portals to match your agency website or brand each individual portal to match your clients’ websites.

  • Client Portal Icons

    Content pages

    Use our beautifully designed content pages to embed anything from text to images to video and more.

  • Client Portal Icons

    Secure file uploads

    Securely upload your files to your portal. All files are kept private and away from WordPress’s media folder.

  • Client Portal Icon

    Email notifications

    Never miss a beat. You’ll get notified when a client marks a module as complete.

  • Client Portal Icons

    Unlimited portals

    You can have as many portals as you need on either plan. You can keep them active forever.

  • Client Portal Icons

    Unlimited clients

    Use Client Portal with as many clients as you like – no matter which license you choose.

  • Client Portal Icons

    Product updates

    We’re always improving Client Portal. You’ll get every single product update free for 1 year.

  • Client Portal Icons

    Email support

    Free support for 1 year with the option to renew (but you keep the product even if you don’t renew!)

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee!

If you’re not completely satisfied within 30 days of purchase, we’ll refund your money; hassle-free.

  • "How does the pricing model work?”

    Most project management solutions start at around $99/month. That's a lot of money for something your clients may never use. Client Portals pricing model is to enable you to just pay once, and get access to as many portals, for as many different clients, as you like. That means you could use Client Portal for 5 years and pay between $199 - $399 instead of a whopping $5,940 that you'd be forking out for a project management tool in the same amount of time.

    Then, if you want to continue to get all the updates and support that comes with Client Portal, you simply pay a yearly support and update fee. If you don't want this, no worries! You still get to keep Client Portal and use it with your clients for life.

    I've been a freelancer for almost a decade. I know first hand that monthly costs can be a burden on any small business which is why we're giving you the best of both worlds: the ability to buy once and keep forever, or to pay a yearly update fee and help us to keep investing in making Client Portal even more awesome for you.

  • "How do I know you’re around for the long-haul?”

    Ever invested in software only to find a year down the line it closes its doors or gets sold to faceless corporations where profit beats customer satisfaction? Yeah, me too. And it sucks.

    Client Portal has been around since 2016. Since then, we’ve grown from a humble HTML template to a fully-fledged WordPress plugin with new features and updates coming out constantly. And I (Laura, the founder) have been at the helm since day 1. This isn’t some side-gig. It’s a full-time job with a growing team and I can promise you, we’re not going anywhere!

  • "Are you planning any more releases?”

    Yep! Client Portal is constantly evolving. We release multiple larger features every year and are constantly making smaller tweaks to make a great product even better.

    Check out our roadmap to see what's been updated recently and what new features are coming up in new versions.

    As Client Portal gets more awesome, the price will increase so if you think it'll be useful for you I recommend securing your copy now so you get the best price.

  • "Do I have to know how to code to use this?”

    Nope. If your website uses WordPress you can upload the custom plugin and update it without having to dip into code.

    All of the settings are easy to change, from adding a new module to changing the colour of the template. Everything is easy to use for non-developers.

  • "What is your refund policy?”

    If ClientPortal doesn't 1) help make you look significantly more professional to your clients and 2) minimise "how do I find that again?" emails and Skype messages, then I don't want your money. Just write in within the first 30 days of purchasing and I'll gladly refund you, no questions asked. (I trust you.)

  • "How does the multi site license work?”

    If you want to give your clients an extra special deliverable, you can give them their very own portal to use and update themselves with the multisite license.

    You can give Client Portal to as many clients as you like or you can use it on as many of your own websites. The only restriction with this license is that you can't resell Client Portal, or give it to anyone who is not your client or customer. (So you can't give it to your peers to use with their clients). Check out out terms for more information on this.

  • "Who is Client Portal made for?”

    Client Portal is used by all sorts of people. From copywriters to estate agents. Consultants to furniture shops. Law firms to web designers.

    Client Portal is for anyone who needs to keep files and software in sync with other people.

    You can even use Client Portal in other areas of your business. You could use it as lightweight courseware for something you're teaching, or as a free resource centre for your clients. Stay tuned, because we're about to launch a whole heap of Client Portal inspiration to show you just how much you can do with one simple tool.

Client Portal testimonial - Adrian C

Amazing! You have no idea how long I've been searching for this exact thing. I was just about to take up a coding course to build it myself haha 😉 Adrian C

–Adrian C
Client Portal testimonial

I started setting up my first portal on the old version earlier today and I have to say: wow! This is so cool. I can't believe how easy it is to add, change, and remove sections on the backend. And WOAH does that front end look professional. You made a very cool thing. Thank you. Alli Blum, SaaS Onboarding Consultant

–Alli Blum

"I came across your software and fell in love with it. It's EXACTLY what I have been looking for."

–AB Lieberman, CEO of Clicks Talent

“I finally feel like a proper agency now I have Client Portal. It’s something I’ve always wanted but I’ve never been able to find anything close to it.”

–Anthony Wallace

"I'm glad to know the product is actively being supported and suggestions are welcomed. It makes me even more glad I made the purchase of Client Portal."

–Dane Janas, EA
Crysti Couture's testimonial for Client Portal

Thank you for making such an AMAZING plugin. This is so valuable to me and I'm glad that minds like yours exist!

–Crysti Couture

"I just wanted to thank you for developing this. It's been a lifesaver and the missing link for our creative agency."

–Jennifer Ann Love
Heather Woods Client Portal testimonial

It's freaking awesome! I wasted a whole day yesterday playing with it - whoops! Looking forward to future updates and new features ❤️.


–Heather Woods

“Thank you very much for this nice plugin, I have searched for a long time to find something like this.”

–Gabriel Wolf

"I recently purchased a single-site license and my clients are loving it so much they want me to set up more Client Portals. I need to upgrade my subscription to the Multi-site license!"

–Fred Porter - Digital Consultant, Agent Digital Australia

“Client Portal has been AMAZING for my business - thank you so much for investing so much time to make it so wonderful! I'm a graphic designer (and freelancer, so it's just me!) and have been trying for years to develop a process for my clients that is easy for them to use and helpful for me in organizing everything. Client Portal allows me to manage my clients projects so easily.”

–Hannah Beasley

"I've implemented "Client Portals" for a few diverse projects and retainer clients, and it's made such a difference in terms of value-add and keeping everything organized."

–Juergen Berkessel

"Super stoked to be on board! I bought the unlimited site license. Gosh, I've been dreaming of this plugin for a loooong time. And it's just perfect timing because I'm redoing all of my processes and websites."

–Monnel Espiritu
Testimonial for Client Portal - Marci K

I just started Client Portal with a client last month. I'm not sure if she is paying much attention to it but it doesn't matter. What really matters is that I know where everything is and feel so much more in control. Seeing the default settings showed me where I was still missing steps in my process, too. I'm very grateful for what you've created. Maybe it sounds silly but using Client Portal made me feel like I could finally call myself a professional!

–Marci Kobayashi

"What a freaking amazing plugin!"

–Lily @

“Your platform is dead simple, easy to customize, and beautiful on mobile. It allowed us to launch our new client dashboard 3 weeks ahead of schedule!”

–Richard Walsh

"Carrie and Yoren, This is a spectacular example of customer service and I really appreciate the lengths you've gone to assist me. My client is revising how he wants to use Client Portal, so I'll wait for his word before implementing the patch. If I have any issues, I'll let you know. Thank you again for your amazing support."

–Rob D. @ Modular Studio

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