In this free workshop with Laura, you’ll learn:

  1. How onboarding your clients correctly can prevent most client issues from ever happening (And my 8-step onboarding process that you can copy immediately)
  2. Qualify new clients and weed out the bad fits with minimal time investment
  3. Reduce time sucks like phone calls and minimise your emails (yes, really!)
  4. Make your experience memorable (and get those referrals!)
Barry Van Someren

“This course has left me with so many small usable ideas that I can use to better support my customers. The suggestions have been great, directly actionable and in some cases have given me a whole new insight on things I never thought about before.

— Barry Van Someren

Laura Elizabeth

About the teacher

I’m Laura Elizabeth and I’ve been a designer for 6+ years. When I first started freelancing my biggest struggle was dealing with clients. I loved the work but hated the social aspect (I’m your stereotypical introvert).

In time I realised something had to change. Unless I wanted to be attempting to scrape by on Upwork for the rest of my life I was going to have to not only talk to clients, but make working with me seem fun and memorable.

What’s in the course

  • LESSON 1

    Why automate?

    How 'manual automation' can help you give your clients a better experience.

  • LESSON 2

    Onboarding clients

    How to qualify and onboard your clients and set the project up for success.

  • LESSON 3

    Reduce client calls

    Why clients love calls and how to reduce the time-suck while keeping your clients happy.

  • LESSON 4

    A memorable experience

    How to make the experience your client has with you during your project memorable.

  • LESSON 5

    Closing a project

    End on a high. Finish your project on a good note and get those testimonials and referrals.

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“Laura has a unique and calm way of teaching, not to mention her sense of humor. It makes it so musch easier to learn, and fun!”

—Ken Westgaard