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Anthony Wallace

Agency Model

Anthony Wallace is an e-commerce expert. He helps his clients grow their fashion and lifestyle brands through strategy and design. Anthony's business, 92Dream, was growing and he needed a project management platform that made him look as big-business as he felt. You guessed it - he found it with Client Portal!

Client Portal helped Anthony develop a repeatable process for setting up and onboarding his clients. 

Main Client Dashboard

Anthony uses Client Portal as his main client dashboard. His clients know they can access everything they need - no need to rummage through emails. Every single client who he's brought onboard using Client Portal LOVES it. 

Anthony has used other Project Management apps, but none of them had a way to see everything up front in an editable dashboard. Client Portal is easy for his clients to use and gives them access to every part of his process.

Portal Layout

Anthony has a simple 4-phase layout.

  1. Discovery & Preparation
  2. Website Design
  3. Development
  4. Assets

He didn't change much from the pre-filled phases and modules. Rather than reinventing the wheel, he elaborated on what was there and added a few things.

Anthony is efficient yet thorough. His descriptions for the modules are quite detailed which makes it even easier for his clients to understand what information is contained within the module and what is expected of them.

thorough module descriptions

He allows his clients to check off as they complete sections. And he keeps sections inactive that are not yet needed. Nice! His clients know what is coming, but also know they don't need to look at it yet.

Sometimes simple can be so powerful!


Hey Anthony, thanks for sharing your experience with us!


Anthony Wallace Case Study for Client Portal

Anthony Wallace