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Jonah Selner

Who says you can't create time?

Jonah Selner was a coach for a personalized coaching program called Videofruit. As the coach, he managed communication via email, including client contracts, timelines, links to content, and other documents. But as the business grew, it soon became messy and confusing. He was spending multiple hours every week just looking through past emails for little pieces of data.  

By implementing Client Portal, Jonah added time back into his week, AND he improved customer satisfaction and overall confidence in his product.

Jonah Selner client feedback

Jonah is using Client Portal as the back-end resource portal for their coaching program. It's the backbone and roadmap from which they manage the client-facing side of things within their program.

  • When onboarding a client, he has a kickoff call with them which entails screen-sharing their Client Portal and walking through it one step at a time. This allows the client to visualize each stage in the process.
  • There are several "default" resources and sections that apply to all of their clients. This allows him to educate clients on their processes, without recreating the wheel with each new client.
  • But then he also has the flexibility to quickly customize certain sections, such as the client's personalized roadmap.

Visual of Jonah's Client Portal

After organizing everything into the Client Portal, the amount of questions clients asked me throughout the on-boarding process were cut in half because everything was so neatly and visually organized.

Jonah’s biggest takeaway, the benefit they didn’t see coming… it’s helped them to think in terms of modules, which helped to "templatize" the whole coaching program, which allowed it to be personalized, yet scalable.

Isn’t that what we all want? The ability to scale our business into something bigger?


Client Portal Case studies

Jonah Selner