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Devon Solomon

True or False:

immediate customer buy-in

It's True!

Devon Solomon wants his clients to feel like they’re part of the process. Straight away at the introductory meeting, he sets them up in Client Portal and invites them to log in and fill out a couple surveys and “gut tests”.

In the past, he’s seen great opportunities dwindle because the client couldn’t commit or gets caught up in another space. By implementing Client Portal for his potential clients, his clients feel like they are the ones who are propelling the project forward.

“If the client has been quoted by another agency, who will likely have no portal at all, they are sure to be impressed by our client portal - giving us the competitive edge.”

project phases

How Devon is using Client Portal

  • When first speaking with a potential client, he’s using it to show complete professionalism, to foster engagement, and create buy-in before they are even a customer.
  • Client Portal further assists in the onboarding process, by surveying for needs, goals, likes, and so on.
  • Devon has a client-specific portfolio loaded for each client, which shows only relevant projects. (This can be achieved by making templates for each type of customer.)
  • Devon says they are even experimenting with direct links to purchase upsells, such as hosting or website maintenance. (Nice, Devon! We might have to incorporate that into a future version!)


What do your clients like the most, Devon?

Though clients often forget to login-and and do what they're supposed to, many clients have come back at the end of the project and praised how helpful it is to have all project files together!

The icing on the cake?

Devon says that using Client Portal has set them apart from the competition.

What would be the icing on your cake?



Devon Solomon case study

Devon Solomon




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