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Priscilla Rolvers

Is your process flow "sensible"?

Priscilla Rolvers Case Study

Priscilla RolversĀ is an organic skincare formulator. Her core business is formulation design. But it isn't just about formula design. There are many steps involved in her process and she's found a way to organize her process from start to finish by using Client Portal. It's really quite beautiful how she has it laid out - let me show you...

How Priscilla uses the Phases and Modules

Priscilla is using Client Portal to combine the functionality of a personal learning management system with all her formulation design files. Her clients go from phase to phase and have all the information they need in sensible order in one scroll of their mouse. You can see this best in 'ontwerpfase' (Dutch for Design phase). There are 6 sessions, a presentation with the product idea drafts, the final formula, and feedback forms.

Priscilla Rolvers Case Study

Onboarding and Working with Clients

Priscilla has gone into great detail to share with us how she uses Client Portal.

  • She on-boards her clients by adding the contract, brief, files for the client, and their invoices.
  • Next, she makes a personal welcome video and adds it to theĀ Getting Started module.
  • She then sends the login and welcome email to her new client.
  • She then sets up their first Session and adds in their appointment time.
  • After the Session 1 appointment is over, Priscilla adds the recorded session to the module.
  • She then opens up the next session and sends a quick email to her client, to let them know that everything is set up for the next session.

This format keeps everything organized. And it's repeatable! So Priscilla can use a template and add client-specific content as she goes.

Client Feedback

Two of them told me they felt it to be very professional and it helped them organize a large project in their life.

Any Unexpected Benefits?

Yes! Priscilla is getting significantly fewer emails from clients. They can find everything they need in the Portal: their next appointment, Priscilla's working schedule, all their files, and their homework for the next session. They can even watch recorded videos from their previous sessions.

It's really nice how you have it laid out for your clients, Priscilla! Thanks for sharing with us!


Priscilla Rolvers Case Study

Priscilla Rolvers

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