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Steve Mosby

Steve Mosby Client Portal Case Study

Before I explain that exciting statement, let's see how Steve Mosby is using Client Portal.

Steve Mosby's company, MalgraBooks, runs accounting solutions for self-employed Slimming World consultants. These consultants are self-employed contractors who are skilled at weight loss techniques but don't have the same skills or love for accounting. And many accountants aren't familiar with the ins and outs of a direct sales business. So his company will manage the accounting so their clients are prepared at tax time.

How do they get clients

MalgraBook clients come from a mixture of referrals and consultants who are looking for simple and cost-effective accounting solutions.

How Client Portal replaced their previous system

They were already using WordPress, along with several Gravity forms. They realized it was just a mixture of plugins and WordPress pages being used to achieve a "client portal". And of course, this wasn't ideal because they were managing too many different plugins that don't always work perfectly together.

The main restriction they found was how to share "user-specific" items with their clients. Things they needed to share, such as their Dropbox location or latest updates on their account - these critical items were still being emailed, which we all know is like a bottomless pit.

They took Client Portal and tailored it to their needs. Which bring us to that exciting statement above...

How Client Portal Created the Upsell

They have different packages for their services. Yet the portals are set up to show everything. So if you buy in at the lower package rate, you'll still see grayed out boxes (marked as inactive). What was happening is that their clients would see the 'inactive' sections that weren't available to them on their package. And they wanted access!

Steve Mosby Case study

They then created an 'upgrade account' module. Within it, they added appropriate forms and payment details which allowed them to process upgrades directly on the website rather than back and forth emails.

Can you imagine getting an email notification that you just received a payment? Yes, please!

The moral of the story: make it easy for your clients!


Steve Mosby case study

Steve Mosby