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Dania Bernard

Dania Bernard case study

How Dania is using Client Portal

Dania uses Client Portal for large web development projects and small branding projects. Each client has a unique login and can see phases of their project. They can contribute to their project by answering questionnaires that Dania created in Google Forms, which she has linked directly to the modules. She's using Client Portal as a means for communication, as well as a project management tool.

Why Client Portal is important to her business

Dania's most precious, non-renewable resource is her time. This is true for all of us, right? That's why it's so very important to Dania that she be intentional about how she spends her time.

Client Portal gave me the opportunity to streamline my creative process; saving lots of my time (and sanity). Sometimes clients can be intrusive and have unrealistic requests. I was looking for something that can draw a curtain and allow me to work peacefully and efficiently.

How Client Portal is helping her business

That's when she found Client Portal, which she says is a total game changer! It's helping her business internally because she can see her workflow broken down in each module. This helps her stay on track with her projects. And it shows clients exactly what kind of magic has to take place for their finished product.

No more invasive after-hours text messages, redundant emails, or lost files.


You know when you're designing and you get in the zone? It's easy to overlook a step in the creative process. So it helps to have everything laid out.


Dania Bernard case study

Dania has some freelancers and agencies local to her that don't have a system like this. Client Portal gives her business a polished and professional presentation.

So it's helping to keep her process running smoothly, AND it's making her look Amazing!

What do her clients think about Client Portal?

Dania says that her millennial and Gen Y clients have no trouble accessing their assets. However, her baby boomer clients aren't so tech savvy, so she has a more hands-on approach for them. Her clients really like having everything in one place, especially when she uses their branding-- it's a really nice touch!



Dania Bernard Client Portal case study

Dania Bernard