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Michelle Ellison


Michelle Ellison Case Study for Client Portal

Michelle has a web design and software business. She does everything herself - setting up contracts, collecting pertinent customer information, and sending out invoices. She was doing this manually for every client. Michelle set up a project template and now every client is just a few clicks away from being all set up and ready to go.

  • Client Portal saves me so many hours of work and totally streamlines all of my customer interactions.
  • I collect payment through Client Portal and also collect all customer information that I normally need by integrating CP with WP Forms. Together, they form like this glorious union of small business wonder!
  • I have had so many clients already compliment me on this portal. Many of them have even asked how they could use either Client Portal on their websites or the features I integrate with CP. They've mentioned that it makes them feel better about doing business online when they see that I have a professional and sleek-looking customer area.

Client Portal Case Study - Michelle Ellison


How Michelle integrates payment processing

Michelle uses WP Forms which has a Stripe integration plugin. She creates the invoice, allows her clients to download them via Client Portal, and then they click the Payment area of Client Portal to visit her payment processing page.

It's really taken out the work of things like "Can I pay you via Paypal?" or the hassle of having to create a new WooCommerce product everytime I had a new order (since all orders vary in price). Now, I don't do anything but create the invoice!

This is how the form looks in the payment module. It looks very professional, right?!

Client Portal Case Study - Michelle Ellison

How long Michelle has been using Client Portal

At the time of this review, Michelle had only been using CP for 1 month! Just goes to show - you don't have to be using it for a long time to get great results.

Michelle's advice to a new CP user

Think of everything you have to do for every single client and of all the information that you always have to share with everyone. Client Portal allows you to do this. Don't get frustrated. Know that all of the set-up you have to do completely pays off because you save so much time which, in the end, means more free time for you.

The idea of accepting payment through Client Portal is going to be exciting for many Client Portal users! Thanks so much for sharing with us, Michelle!



Michelle Ellison