Common Questions and Problems

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. For help with the most common problems, don't forget to check out our support documentation.

“How do I get set up?”

Getting set up is easy. If you need help installing the plugin, watch our video tutorial on installing the Client Portal WordPress plugin.

If you've got it installed and need help getting started, see how to set up your first portal.

“When will you be releasing another update?”

Client Portal is constantly evolving.

We aim to release one large update every quarter along with smaller updates every few weeks. But we never compromise on quality, usefulness, and simplicity.

Check out our roadmap to see our latest updates and what’s coming up in new versions.

“Does this work with anything other than WordPress?”

No. At the moment Client Portal is only a WordPress plugin so you do need WordPress in order to use it.

We have many customers who have set up a WordPress account just to host Client Portal. If this is something you’re interested in doing but have no experience with WordPress, check out our support doc which shows you how to put WordPress on a subdomain.

“Can I upgrade to the multisite license and/or the lifetime licenses?”

Yes, if you're on the single site license, you can upgrade to the multisite license to use Client Portal on unlimited websites.

You can also upgrade the single site or the multi site licenses to our Lifetime Licenses. This gives you access to every update we ever make to Client Portal forever, without needing to pay anything extra. We also give you 5 full years of support (and if you need help after this, you can purchase an extra years worth of support for just $39).

For any upgrade we will deduct what you have already paid so you only pay the difference.

To upgrade, log into your account and under Purchase History, click View Licenses and then View Upgrades to see and purchase your available upgrades.

Alternatively, fill in the form above and tell us which upgrade you would like and we will send you your unique link to upgrade.