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Are my files safe in Client Portal?

By default, Client Portal sits behind a secure login wall. That means any files that you link to are completely hidden to anyone without the login information.

If you enable the public portals, your files will be visible to anyone with the link so it's important to not keep any confidential information in a public portal.

If you use WordPress's Media Library (including the File Upload feature in Client Portal) to host your files, please be aware that there is no way to make these files 100% private. If somebody has access to the direct link to your file, they will be able to view it. For better security, we strongly recommend storing your files in GoogleDrive or other cloud storage systems or using a secure file upload form builder like Gravity Forms.

Private File Uploads is available introduced in Client Portal 4.6

For confidential documents, you now have an option within Client Portal. We recommend using the Private File Uploads option.private secure uploads in Client Portal

Currently, we don't support the following file types in the private file uploads: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, mp3, ogg. See this support doc for more information about Private File Uploads.