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How do I add or move Phases

I can't find it anymore! How do I manage phases?


With update 4.4.0 on November 15, 2018, the Manage Phases button was moved.

The button was previously on the project edit screen. You can now find it on the Project list. When you hover the project names you'll see it in the action links.

View All CP Projects

Start by viewing All CP Projects. In the list, hover over the title of the project where you want to add or remove phases. When you hover the title, the action links will appear. Select Manage Phases.

Hover the see the action links

You can add and remove phases, as well as change the order and update the phase titles.

How to move phases

When you click Manage Phases, you'll see all of the phases.

What Manage Phases looks like in CP

  • Click 'Add New Phase' to add more phases to your project.
  • Click the arrows on the right to expand the view of each individual phase. This is where you can go into the phase to re-name it, move it, or delete it.
  • Remember to always save your changes!

When you expand the view of a phase

Make changes to the phase in CP

  • You can change the name.
  • You can delete it by clicking 'Remove Phase'.
  • And you can re-order the phases.

If you want to re-order the phases, notice that you'll only click the arrow once. If you want to move it more places in a direction, you'll need to go to the phase again and click the arrow again, only one more time. You won't continue to click the same arrow several times, because once you click it, it moves, so you need to move with it.