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Using Templates

We're currently making big changes to how templates work in Client Portal. Read on to find out how this affects you and what to do for now.

If you are using the block editor version of Client Portal (5.0+)

The block editor comes with a fantastic new feature that allows you to save Client Portal elements as reusable patterns.

For example, if you have an Onboarding phase that is the exact same for each client, you can save it as a global pattern and use it in as many portals as you like.

Then, if you ever need to make a change, you would change the global pattern and it would automatically update in every portal it is used.

In theory, you can also save entire portals as a pattern. For this reason, as we were developing the new blocks version, we decided to remove the current "CP Portal Templates" option in Client Portal in favour of this.

However, after testing we have realized that the CP Portal Templates is a much used feature, and replacing it with the block patterns was confusing for people.

So we have decided to make the CP Portal Templates feature work with the new block editor.

What does this mean for now?

As of right now (July 2024), the CP Portal Templates will only work if you are using the Classic Editor. We hope to have this feature released for the Block Editor by September.

If you are using the Block Editor and would like to use a template, we recommend creating a master portal in "All CP Portals" and duplicating that each time you would like to create a new portal from that template.

We will release a full tutorial on both Client Portal Templates and how to use the reusable block patterns when we launch the re-release of this feature, but if you have any questions or need help you can contact us here any time.