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Importing and Exporting Portals

Export your portal data and import into a new website

Before you to any imports or exports, it's a good idea to backup your WordPress website.

Exporting your portal data

Navigate to Tools -> Export.
Choose "Client Portal data"
In the dropdown, select which client you would like to export the portals for. If you would only like 1 portal downloaded, you'll need to temporarily create a new user and assign them to only this portal.
Click "Download Export File".


Importing your portal data

Navigate to Tools -> Import.
Choose "WordPress" and click "Run Importer". If you don't have this already installed you'll first need to choose "Install now".
Click "Choose file" and select the .XML file you downloaded during the export process. Then click "Upload file and import".
Choose which user you would like to have as the author of this plugin. This will usually be you (the administrator). Or you can create a new user.
Make sure "Download and import file attachments" is checked!
Click "Submit"and your portal(s) will be imported. This could take a few minutes to complete.
Please note: If the portals contain a lot of large attachments, it's very likely the attachment import will fail due to a timeout. Unfortunately, we cannot give an accurate number as to the maximum file size as it varies from different servers or hosting providers. If you experience this issue, try re-saving any attachments (like images) as a smaller file size.