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Why is there an error message on my Client Portal pages talking about Nginx?

If you see this error message on top of your Client Portal pages in the WordPress admin area, it's because your website is running on Nginx instead of Apache.

On Apache we use the “.htaccess” to help you lock down the private files folder so the files you upload cannot be access with their physical URLs, the ones you can see after you upload files to the the Media Library (see more details in the next section).

Because Nginx doesn’t support “.htaccess”, we cannot lock down the folder automatically for you. This means you need to change your server settings to get it locked, or any Private File Uploads are still accessible with their physical URLs.

How to change server settings

If you don’t know how to update the Nginx config, the easiest thing to do is to send a copy of the error message to your hosting company or IT person.

They will then be able to add this rule for you.

Once that's done, please double check that your Private Files are now blocked to any non logged in user.

If the folder is locked down correctly, you will see the following screen when you try to access the physical URL: