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I'm getting a 404 error message

A misconfigured permalink setting is the most common reason for a 404 error message. Here's how to fix this:

First, navigate to Settings - Permalinks. Then select the Post Name structure and click 'Save Changes'.

If Client Portal still shows the 404 error after that, you'll need to try deactivating your theme and plugins individually to find which one is the culprit.

When you determine which is causing the issue, please send us a copy of that theme or plugin. If we can, we'll update Client Portal to make them play nicely together for you!

What to do next

Please contact hello@client-portal.io when you have the information ready. Please also grant us admin access so we can verify.

To set up a new user, navigate to Users -> Add New and give us a username and password to log in (you can delete this profile afterward) - just make sure it's set to 'Administrator' in the role field.

We should get back to you within two days after we receive your login credentials.