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Using Trello with Client Portal

If you use Trello, you can embed your Trello boards directly into Client Portal's content pages. Here's how:

From your Trello board that you'd like to embed, change the Privacy settings from Private to Public.
Go to the right sidebar in Trello, click Show Menu, then click the More button, and copy the URL at the bottom of the page under "Link to this board"
Add .html to the end of your URL, like this:
Next use the following iFrame link and make sure you replace the src attribute to your own Trello boards URL:
<iframe src="https://trello.com/b/rKYHGixN.html"></iframe>
In Client Portal, set up a module with a Content Page, make sure the Text tab is selected and paste in the iframe code.

Change the dimensions of the Trello board

For Client Portal, we recommend the width of embedded elements to be 700px to display correctly. The height can be whatever you like (and will depend on the height of your content). Here's the code you'll need to add to your iFrame link:

width="700px" height="500px"

And here's what your Trello board will look like: