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Why do my clients don't receive any email notifications from my site?

If you or your clients are not receiving any email notifications (when they should've), here's what you can do:

Check if there's a problem with your site's SMTP

You can use the Check & Log Email plugin to check this.

Once you’ve activated the plugin, here’s what you’ll see:

You can use this to send a test email to any email address. Once you hit the “Send test email” button, you’ll get this success message

If you received this success message and got the test email from your site. It means, your SMTP is working. If not, you should reach out to your hosting provider and raise this issue.


Optional: You can also set up an SMTP Plugin on your site like WP Mail SMTP to easily solve this.

Check for Plugin/Theme Conflicts

If you’ve already confirmed that your site’s SMTP is working properly, it’s time to check if there’s a plugin that’s causing this.


Note: Before doing the following procedures, make sure that you have a recent backup of your site. This will allow you to revert easily if anything goes wrong.


Alternatively, you can use the WordPress Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin for this, so the changes you’ll be doing will not affect your live site.

Here’s what you’ll do:

  1. Deactivate the plugins on your site one by one (except Client Portal)
  2. Look for the plugin that, when deactivated, solves the email notification issue on your site.
  3. If you’re able to locate that plugin, deactivate it temporarily and reach out to the developers of that plugin.
  4. (Optional) If after deactivating all other plugins, the issue persists, then, try switching your Theme to a WordPress Default Theme.


If the issue persists after doing all the suggested procedures, submit a support ticket below.