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How to change the fonts in Client Portal

If you are using custom fonts from Google Fonts, Adobe Fonts, you can have these display in Client Portal by adding some CSS. (If you need help adding custom fonts to your WordPress website, this article from WPBeginner will show you how to do that).

First, navigate to Client Portal - Client Portal Settings, and scroll down to Custom CSS.

If you're using the Block Editor (v. 5.0+) choose the Custom CSS - Five Theme. For the Classic Editor choose Custom CSS - Legacy Theme.

Paste the following CSS and replace 'Merriweather' with the name of your custom typeface.

.leco_client-template-default, .title-section h2, .title-section nav {font-family: 'merriweather', sans-serif !important;

If you want to use the custom CSS in an individual portal, you can specify the body class. For example, if you portal ID is 212, your CSS would be .postid-212

You can find your portal ID under All CP Portals - ID.