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Using content pages

Watch this video or read the text below.

You can use content pages for a number of things. You can add videos and forms (I’ll show in another video).

How to find your content pages

To start, look down the left side and you’ll see something that says “All Content Pages.” This is where all of your content pages will live.

From here you can:

  • Edit content pages that you’ve already made.
  • Create a new one.

How to add a content page to an existing portal

Go to “All Projects.” Select the portal where you want to add a content page. Scroll down and select the module where you want the content page to be added.

You’ll see a drop down menu for “Module Type." Change it to “Content Page.”

Then in the “Content Page” drop down menu, you can select a content page from the list of existing pages, or you can add a new content page by clicking on “Add Now.”


After you add a page, the buttons will change to “Preview” and “Edit”. Select to edit and it will open into a new tab.


All you need to do here is grab your content and paste it directly into the editor. Or you can type in the editor if you're starting from scratch. You can use all of the normal WordPress formatting that you normally use:

  • Bullets
  • Links
  • Block quotes
  • Images

Remember to click Update to save it while you’re still in the “Edit Content Page.”


Then go back into the project and you want to click update there as well.


How it looks in your portal

When you preview your content page, you’ll see it here. Notice the new sidebar area on the side where you can see all of the modules in your portal.


At the top, you can click “Back to Project” to get back to your portal’s home page that you might be more familiar with.