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Introducing Client Portal to your clients

The good thing about Client Portal is that it has a very small learning curve. As opposed to traditional project management software where your clients have to adjust their way of working — Client Portal works around them.

That means, introducing it to your clients is very easy.

At the start of each project, you can set up a portal with all the upcoming deliverables.

Most modules will probably be inactive at this stage. You can activate any modules that you'll be starting with, or anything that your client needs to do before the project begins.

Hint: Save time by duplicating an existing portal. Simply navigate to Projects -> All Projects, hover over your portal and click 'Duplicate'. That way, you don't need to re-enter every module for similar projects.

Then, simply send your clients an email introducing them to Client Portal. Here's a template you can swipe:

Hey $client-name,Thanks for taking care of the invoice and contract. I'm really excited to begin working with you!I've just got you set up with our client portal. This is where you can go at anytime to check on the project status or download any files from copies of invoice receipts to the final deliverables.Here's the link and log in information to your portal (I recommend bookmarking this so you can come back at any time):yourwebsite.com/client

I'll also migrate this to your website at the end of the project so you have a central place to come back and reference at any time.

I'll get started now with $your-first-task and I'll have my first update for you on Thursday.


And that's all it takes to introduce your clients to their portal. You've now given them a resource that they're not only going to find really useful (especially when they just need that logo file at 2am) but that also hasn't required them to learn any new software.

Jobs a good 'un!