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Accepting Client Uploads

In Version 4.8, the Client Uploads feature was added! This means that you can accept file uploads from your clients directly through the portal. You need to set this up for them on the back end.

How to add the Client Upload option in your project portal

Click on the Module Type and you will see that the Client Uploads option has been added. Select that option.

Accept Client Uploads in Client Portal

There is nothing else to do at this point. In the image below, you will see that it says, "you'll see the file list once your client has uploaded some." As this states, when your client has uploaded one or more files, you will see them listed here and you will be able to download them from either the backend or the front end.

Remember to save what you've downloaded from your clients, as they have the ability to delete it at any time.

Client Portal - adding the module for Client Uploads

The image below shows you what the list will look like when your client has uploaded their files. As you can see, there is a list of files (4 files have been added in this example). You can now download the files either here in the backend or when you're previewing a project.

Client Portal - Client Uploads

Tip: instruct your clients to mark the modules as complete when they have uploaded a file. That way you will know to look for it!

What it looks like on the front end

Find the module that you created for the Client Uploads. This is what it looks like:

Client Portal Client Uploads


Tip when viewing or testing

There is no need to log in as your client to see what they see. Scroll to the top of the page and click View CP Project.

View your Client Portal project from the back end

You can add files and then go to the backend to see that they are displayed in the module list as shown above.


If you need any further support, you can email us at support@lauraelizabeth.co.