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How users can self-signup to a portal

To set up the Client Portal self signup feature, we will firstly need to create two new pages, a Registration page and a Login page. To create the Registration page:

From WordPress, navigate to Pages - Add New.
Create a new page called Client Portal Registration (you can change this name if you wish).
Paste the following shortcode into the editor: [client_portal_register] and click Publish.
Screenshot of new page in WordPress

To create the Login page you have a couple of different options:

  1. You can use the pre-styled Client Portal login page which looks like this:
    Screenshot of Client Portal login page
  2. Or you can use a login page which will take on the styling of your current theme. You can do either, it doesn't make a difference to how the feature works, only how it looks.

To use the pre-styled Client Portal login page, navigate to Client Portal - Client Portal Settings and choose Client Portal Login under the dropdown for Client Portal Login Page.

To use a login page which will take on the styling of your current theme, navigate to Pages - Add New and create a new login page (you can call it whatever you like) with the following shortcode pasted into the editor: [client_portal_login]

Tip: if you are using Gutenberg, you can search for the relevant blocks. Search for "login" and "register" to see them.

Updating the registration settings

To finish configuring the registration process, navigate to Client Portal - Client Portal Settings and select the Register/Login tab.

Screenshot of Client Portal Registration Settings

Below is a description of the settings that you will find on this page:

Client Portal Login Page

This is where you can select the page you want to use for the login page. If you are using the Client Portal styling, you will select Client Portal Login. If you are using your themes styling, you will use the page you have just created for this.

Create New Project

This will be the default portal for your client when they register. You will need to have a template set to use this feature. To set up multiple registration pages for different portals, see the section below "Setting up multiple registration forms".

Attach a Project

This will attach an existing portal when your client registers. Please note, this does not create a new portal so any clients added to an existing portal will all be able to see the same documents. If you want each client to have a portal of their own, you will need to use the Create New Project feature.

Enable Brand Colours

Selecting yes will pull in the colours that you have set in your Client Portal Settings. Selecting no will pull in the colours used in your main theme.

Using the registration feature with your clients

Now you have set up your registration process, you just need to give your clients the URL to the registration page you set up at the beginning. You can link to this from your website, or just give it to your clients individually.

After they register they will be sent an email to create a password on your website. Once they have done that, the portal you chose will automatically be created for them and it will appear in Client Portal - All CP projects.

Please note, the portal will only be created after they have set a password.

Screenshot of Client Portal registration page

Setting up multiple registration forms

If you would like to have more than one type of registration form to use with different projects you would follow the same steps above for each new registration page:

First, set up your registration pages (For example, "Client Portal Registration - Project A" and "Client Portal Registration - Project B".

If you're using Gutenberg, search for the "Register" block. Change the settings in the block editor to attach it to a different project.

If you're using shortcodes, here are the shortcode settings to use:

  • Set up a project from a template with a title: [client_portal_register template="35" project_title="A New Project"]
    Note: Find the template ID by navigating to Client Portal - All CP Project Templates and look under the ID column.
  • Add the registered user to an existing project: [client_portal_register project="35"]
  • Note: Find the project ID by navigating to Client Portal - All CP Projects and look under the ID column.
  • Disable the "Organization" field: [client_portal_register showOrganization="false"] to disable it in the shortcode
  • Change the Privacy Consent checkbox text: [client_portal_register privacyConsentLabel="TEXT"]