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Questionnaires with Contact Form 7

Create a questionnaire in Client Portal using Contact Form 7

The easiest way to do a questionnaire in Client Portal is with Contact Form 7.

If you don't already have it, from your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins, Add New, then do a search for Contact Form 7. When you find it, click to Install Now, then Activate.

Once you've installed and activated it, you'll see a new item in the sidebar called Contact. If you open that up, that's where everything from Contact Form 7 lives.

Setting up a Questionnaire in Contact Form 7

Setting up a form is fairly simple. Click Add New and you'll see <label> followed by the question. Beneath it is the type of form item. So when you Add New, it starts you off with what you see below: <label> Your Name (required)
[text* your-name] </label>. Where it says text* that's just a text bar where people can type in their name. Across the top is the different form items you can use to collect info. You can even upload a file with Contact Form 7.

Make sure you finish with a submit button.

So create your form. Make sure it's complete.

Go to the mail tab to make sure it's going to the proper email address. This is for you to receive responses.

If you need more help with Contact Form 7, they have plenty of documentation on how to use it, within their knowledge base.

But this should be good to get you started using it.

Integrate your forms with Client Portal

Take the short code, go to Client Portal. Find the portal and module where you want to use it. Open up the module, and you want to change the Module Type to Content Page. Then you will Add New, then click Edit.

In the text tab of the new content page, just paste the short code into the text field. Click Update. Preview if you like, and you will see the form.

Your client will be able to complete the form and click submit, and it will go straight to your email.