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Add due dates and reminders

If you need your clients to complete a module by a deadline, you can add a due date and set email reminders to encourage them to complete their task.

Here's how:

1) From your portal, navigate to the module that you would like to add a due date to.

2) Check the box next to Due Date and choose the deadline for the module and when you would like the reminder to go out (e.g. one hour before the deadline).

3) Under the Project Information tab in your portal you can choose whether you would like the Mark As Complete checkmarks to appear on all modules or only modules with a deadline.

For example, in the following portal example the client has two modules which have deadlines. These are displayed with a Mark As Complete checkmark:

Editing reminder settings

To edit your reminder settings, navigate to Client Portal Settings - Notifications - Reminder. From here you can change the default reminder time and customize the reminder email that gets sent to your clients.

You can also choose who you would like the reminder emails to go to. These can go to yourself and/or your clients by selecting the relevant checkboxes.

Having problems with notifications not sending correctly?

Check out our help doc here to help troubleshoot any notification delivery issues.