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Create a checklist with Twoodo

This Twoodo list is free. Hopefully it stays that way! Here’s how you can use it to create a checklist and embed it on a content page.

Here’s what it should look like when you first open it.

add a to-do list to your client portal projects

If after you’ve created a list, you come back to the same link, if your previous content is in the form, click the big yellow “Make your own!” button and it will wipe it clean so you can start over with a new list.

It’s pretty self-explanatory to make your list.

  • Click on the title to change it
  • Add new items to your list in the open field that says “Type a todo then press enter”
  • Edit or delete an item on the far right

When you’re ready to use it, copy the embed code and head over to your Client Portal.

Add a to-do list to your CP projects

How to embed the code

Start by going to All Content Pages and add a new page.

Name your page.

To embed the code, you want to be in the Text tab. You can go back to the Visual tab to add text. I added instructions to tell my client how to use the form and what to expect next. Remember to update the page to save it!

add a to-do list to your content page

Adding it to your project

Since you started with the Content Page, you need to go to the project where you want to add it. Find the correct module and select Content Page as the module type. Select the new page you just made. It should be first on the list.

If you think you might need to use a similar form in the future, make a copy that can be used as a template. The next time you want to use it, make a duplicate and give it a new name (something like “Proposals for Client XYZ”)

Here’s what it looks like on my content page:

Checklist on your CP content page



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