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The new Theme option in CP Settings

After upgrading to 4.7 you'll see this notification in your CP dashboard:

We have upgraded our Default theme to fix some long-time addressed CSS issues (especially on mobile devices). And we also added a new feature to enable search in your project page.

With this upgrade, we also changed many CSS class names which were used in the legacy theme. If you have used Custom CSS to style your portals, since the class names have been changed, those Custom CSS wouldn't work anymore, with the new Default theme selected, we wouldn't load the old copy of Custom CSS.

Can I switch back to use the Legacy theme and my previous customization?

If however, you prefer to stay with the Legacy theme and your previous customization, you can go to CP Settings:

And in the Theme dropdown, just pick "Legacy", then "Save" the settings. So you can get all the customization back.

The legacy theme does not support any new feature released after 4.7

While you can switch to the legacy theme to get your customization back for a while, we'd suggest you migrate your styles to the new default theme asap, because the legacy theme does not support any new feature released after 4.7. For example, you won't see the new project documentation search feature in the legacy theme.

Support questions?

Let us know if you have any question regarding the legacy theme and the new default theme. Send an email to our support inbox: support@lauraelizabeth.co